Why Choose Dental Masters?
Michael Kulwiec, CDT, Owner, Dental Masters
We GUARANTEE more profits in your practice through our commitment to the highest Quality Control Standards and delivery of each case on time!

How can we guarantee this?

  • Our accuracy is so consistent, we GUARANTEE optimum chairside efficiency.
  • Our advanced techniques ensure vibrant, beautiful restorations.
  • If a case is shipped late, it's FREE.

For over 30 years, Dental Masters has provided superior dental lab services. We offer:

  • State of the art laboratory systems
  • Consistent, fair-minded business practices
  • Remakes of accepted cases are made free of charge

We focus on getting things right, so you can deliver a successful result, and be profitable. What matters most to Dental Masters is your peace of mind, your profitability and your patient's satisfaction with our work.

How do we achieve both accuracy and on-time delivery?

The answer is twofold:

First, we hire, train and educate the right people.

Dental Masters, as a full service state-of-the-art laboratory, operates its own technical educational center, Dental Masters Laboratory Training Academy, one of the few in the US today. Technicians are required to complete classroom study, covering from the fundamental concepts of anatomy and occlusion to the specific standards of the technician's job. At the end of each course of instruction, each technician must pass hands on, written and verbal exams.

Second, our systems for receiving, making and delivering each restoration are meticulous. As our GUARANTEE states: we are committed to the highest Quality Control Standards.

I encourage you to read The Seven Benefits of using Dental Masters, then, call us. You can experience our GUARANTEE of increased profits and daily satisfaction, and that will make you smile.


Michael Kulwiec, CDT