IPS e.max® CAD

Introducing IPS e.max® CAD, a better, faster, easier crown with strength second only to cast gold.

Better: use with conventional or adhesive cementation. True-to-nature esthetics on par with Empress®, superior to Zirconia and PFMs.

Faster: 5-day lab time by our highly trained and certified technicians.

Easier: ultra-precise contacts, margins and occlusion reduce time chairside, deliver higher quality patient care.

Stronger: Exceptionally accurate CAD/CAM milling of a solid, single piece of high performance lithium disilicate creates a restoration with flexural strength second only to cast gold.

Guaranteed: Dental Masters guarantees for 7 years your patients' satisfaction with e.max CAD full crowns.

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These doctors switched and saved – you can too!

“With e.max CAD, cementation is easy, adjustments minimal, and after 12 months (and over 100 units) I have not had a remake or repair. The cost savings are substantial over PFMs, Empress or Zirconia.”
—Dr. Sean Wilson
Santa Rosa, CA

“Compared to Zirconia or Empress, I’m saving over $100 per unit with e.max CAD. Assuming an average of 15 units a month, the savings are over $18,000 per year. Five years out that’s $90,000.”
—Dr. Dan Bornstein
Santa Rosa, CA

“e.max CAD is amazing. I use it in the posterior as a replacement for PFMs, Empress and Procera. Marginal fit is exceptional; the esthetics are great.”
—Dr. Steve Byun
San Francisco, CA

“The IPS e.max crowns fabricated for me by Dental Master's Lab have allowed me to virtually eliminate PFMs from my practice.    With their phenomenal  pricing, exceptional shade matching, and excellent margins,  they have allowed me to achieve my goal of excellent esthetics, high durability, and no metal margins.”
—Dr. Michael R. Cole
Ellensburg, WA

IPS emax