IPS e.max® Press

The revolutionary Empress® anterior bridge

  • Outstanding aesthetics
  • Simpler processing
  • Easy, chairside time savings
  • Indicated for both anterior and posterior crowns

IPS e.max® Press offers the possibility to fabricate all-ceramic bridges. The lithium disilicate framework ceramic and the fluorapatite layering ceramic permit the fabrication of all-ceramic bridges that demonstrate properties similar to those of natural teeth. These materials provide more than three times the strength of the original IPS Empress®, thus expanding the indications for use.

Thanks to IPS Empress®, the press technique has established itself as a state-of-the-art processing method over the past 15 years. IPS e.max® Press, the new highly aesthetic lithium disilicate glass-ceramic ingots, offer optimized homogeneity and high strength for fabricating accurately fitting restorations.

IPS e.max® Pressis indicated for anterior and posterior crowns and 3-unit bridges having one pontic and not extending past the 2nd premolar. With IPS e.max® Press, clinicians can take advantage of the time saving conventional cementation protocols.

emax press BEFORE
emax press after AFTER
Dental Masters Laboratory guarantees for 5 years your patients' satisfaction on full crown singles and bridges.



With IPS e.max® Press, the finished restoration will exhibit a truly life-like appearance that blends in perfectly with the surrounding dentition.


emax eris