IPS e.max® ZirCAD

ne prescription for e.max® ZirCAD gives you the beauty you expect from Empress® and the underlying strength of Zirconia.

Dental Masters Laboratory now makes zirconia-based crowns and bridges exclusively with e.max® ZirCAD. Now enjoy the best of both worlds: The proven strength of Zirconia and the beauty of all-ceramic optics.

emax bridgeZirconia is a proven alternative to both PFM technology and older-generation, technique-sensitive all-ceramics. e.max® ZirCAD's versatility makes it ideal for Anterior or Posterior single-unit or multi-unit bridgework. Cementation can be done with conventional or adhesive material, making e.max® ZirCAD easy to use. e.max® ZirCAD technology delivers both high-strength and life-like, natural beauty that will please you and your patients.

Proven Strength

  • e.max® ZirCAD is your proven alternative to PFMs. Its high-strength offers long-term reliability for anterior and posterior single unit and multi-unit bridgework.
  • e.max® ZirCAD’s strength is backed by a 5-year warranty from Dental Masters Laboratory.

Empress Beauty

  • e.max® ZirCAD uses Empress-Eris chemistry in a new ceramic called e.max® Ceram. e.max® Ceram delivers vibrant color, translucency, opalescence and accurate shades.
  • e.max® Ceram is a Nano-Fluor Apatite Glass Ceramic which mimics the optical effects of natural enamel, creating patient-pleasing esthetics.

Easy to Use

  • No change is needed to your standard prep and cementation techniques. e.max® ZirCAD preparations are a chamfer or rounded shoulder. Cement with conventional PFM cement or with adhesive cement.
Dental Masters Laboratory guarantees for 5 years your patients' satisfaction on full crown singles and bridges.


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e.max strength
With a flexural strength of over 1,000 MPa, e.max® ZirCAD offers the highest level of all-ceramic strength.