IPS Empress ®

All-Porcelain Restorations Inspired by Nature...

  • Restorations to blend with natural teeth
  • Excellent fit
  • Outstanding esthetics
  • Strong crowns, veneers & inlays/onlays
  • Long-lasting restorations

Exceptional Esthetics Plus Strength

IPS Empress® is an all-ceramic crown system that gives you exceptional esthetics plus strength. Esthetics starts with the correct shade and convinces with natural appearance. A proven ceramic alternative to metallic restorations, IPS Empress® offers patient satisfaction with aesthetic natural looking restorations, by the exclusive use of ceramic materials.

Excellent Fit

Individually colored tooth restorations can be reproduced in exact shape and shade. The result is an individually fabricated restoration with excellent fit and all the characteristics of a natural tooth. Even when working in limited space, optimum aesthetic results can be obtained.

Exceptional Wear

IPS Empress® Ceramic wears almost like tooth enamel. The Empress® system produces crowns, inlays/onlays and veneers, providing one of the strongest all-ceramic restorations available.

3 unit bridge
"Dental Masters Empress® restorations fit well and are pleasing esthetically. Your technicians have been a great help on many of my cases. My happy patients are more open to further suggestions for treatment."
— Dr. Jeff Snider,
Wynnewood, PA
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