JRVT Cast Gold Products that are "worthy of your reputation"

  • Safe, durable and pliable
  • For long-term quality dental repairs
  • A cost-effective choice
  • No risk of sensitivity or allergic reaction

Enjoy the Artistry of Gold Alloy

JRVT Cast Gold's premier high-gold crown and bridge alloy is used by thousands of dentists around the world. Professionals who specialize in gold restorative work choose JRVT for the unusually rich-yellow color and mirror-like luster.

Moreover, JRVT has 55% elongation which means it's extremely burnishable. Both technicians and doctors enjoy working with the alloy. JRVT is perfect for inlays, onlays, crowns, and short-span bridges.

Nobility High Nobility
Chemistry 77% Gold, 1% Palladium, 13% Silver
Color Yellow

JRVT is the best cast-gold on the market. It's perfect for short-span bridges, crowns, onlays, and inlays like those featured above.

Photo courtesy of
Richard V. Tucker, DDS,
Ferndale, WA