Pick-up & Delivery Via FedEx


fedex_expressDoctors located outside S.F. Bay Area

To schedule a FedEx pick-up, call 800-463-3339 and when prompted please say "Return a package." When the FedEx agent comes on, say "I need to schedule
an Express Billable Stamp pick-up."

Packing Your Case (Print Instructions):

1. Place the impression and bite registration in the BIO-SEAL TRANSPORT BAG.

Delivery step 1

2. Pull off the adhesive liner and close the bag.

Delivery Step 2

3. Insert your prescription, film, etc. in the outside pocket of the bag.

Delivery 3

4. Place the bag on the bottom layer of foam in your DML box. Place the top layer of foam over all the materials and close the box.

Delivery 4

5. Attach tape to the front edge of the box. Remove the adhesive liner on the FedEx shipping label and place the label on the top of the box.

Delivery 5