Smile Rite™ Tooth Colored Clasps & Partials

Give Your Partial Denture Patients
A Reason to Smile!

  • Proven long-term reliability
  • Color Stable
  • Resists plaque buildup & staining
  • Excellent for patients with metal or acrylic sensitivity

Durability and Esthetics

Smile Rite™ is a high strength acetyl resin-polymer used for making tooth colored clasps on cobalt-chrome alloy partial frameworks.

The combination of Smile Rite™ with a metal frame gives your patients the proven long-term reliability of an alloy framework with the durability and esthetics of Smile Rite™ tooth colored clasps. Existing metal frameworks can be retrofitted with Smile Rite™ Clasps. Smile Rite™ is color stable and is resistant to staining and plaque buildup.

Smile Rite™ Clasps for smile esthetics

For patients with a sensitivity to metal or acrylic frameworks, the high strength of Smile Rite™ makes it possible to fabricate the entire framework metal-free. The framework can be made from either tissue color or tooth color monomer-free Smile Rite™.

The same prep is used for your Smile Rite™ partial that you would use for conventional partials and the clasp shade can be taken from the Vita shade guide.

thermo flex


Offer all your partial denture patients the comfort and security of Smile Rite™ metal-free partials!


Happy after Dentures